Full address of the conference site:

Université Paris Sud, Faculté des Sciences
Buildings 450, 425 (Mathematics Department)
91405 Orsay, France. generic cialis 5mg

We recommend you check the map of the campus before arriving.
Registration Session on SUNDAY: Building 490 5LRI)

RER B station: Orsay-Ville

The conference will be held on the Orsay campus. The RER B train station closest to the conference venue is Orsay-Ville. From the station you have to walk about 10 minutes to get to the conference site.

The Main Conference Building is building 450. Here the Parallel Sessions (Rooms A-E) as well as the Coffee Breaks will take place and you can find an information desk. The Plenary Sessions will be hold in the Amphitheater in building 425 (Mathematics Department). Please see the schedule for the planning.
Please note that the Registration Session on Sunday will take place at the LRI (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique), building 490 (see here for more information about the registration).

For Sunday afternoon as well as the morning of the first day of the conference we will arrange some helping hands and install signposts to guide you from the RER train station to the conference site. If you get lost, just ask for the way to the university. There are maps of the university at nearly every entrance. One of the conference buildings (Bat. 425) is directly opposite the main university library. Most students will be able to tell you how to get there.

For the main locations of the conference site see the map at the bottom of this page.

Taking the RER B train to the “Orsay-Ville” station

Directions of RER (and Métro) trains are always indicated by the final destination of the train, for RER B to the “Orsay-Ville” station this is either “Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse” or “Orsay-Ville” (only during the rush hours in the morning and late afternoon). The RER B line splits outside Paris, furthermore the trains do not stop at all stations, so please check the indicator board installed on the platform for the “Orsay-Ville” stop.

The “Orsay-Ville” station is about 40 minutes away from the center of Paris (”Chatelet – Les Halles”), about 30 minutes from its periphery (”Cité Universitaire”), 15-20 minutes from “Antony” (interconnection with Orly airport) and 75 minutes from Charles De Gaulle Airport. Trains are scheduled about every 15 minutes.

Be aware that outside Paris (the last southbound RER B station inside Paris is “Cité Universitaire”) not all stations are served by all trains all the time. Especially in the morning and evening rush hours some stations that are normally served by trains to “Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse” are skipped.
So if your station is only served by outbound trains with destination “Massy-Palaiseau”, take the train until its terminus. In order to take the corresponding train to “Orsay-Ville” you have to change platforms. When returning from the conference, check the indicator board at the “Orsay-Ville” station for your destination. If it is not marked, change once more at “Massy-Palaiseau”. This time the train leaves from the same platform.
Your station is only served by trains with destination “Orsay-Ville”. No problem either. Take the train until its terminal. There you have to change platforms (there are only 2…) in order to catch a train that brings you one station further to the “Bures-sur-Yvette” station. The other way round, in the evening rush hour, you might once more have to change trains in “Orsay-Ville” in order to get back to your hotel (check the billboard). However, this time the connecting train leaves from the same platform.

Screens can be found on every platform displaying the destinations of the next trains leaving.

How to connect to RER B when you arrive by plane

From Orly Airport.
Take the automatic train ORLYVAL to “Antony” where you can change to RER B.

From Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (Roissy).
Terminal 1: Take the free automatic train CDGVAL to the RER station.
Terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F: You can walk to the RER station (at most 10 minutes).
Terminal 2G: Take the free shuttle bus N3.
From the RER station you can take any RER B train leaving, they are all going into direction “Paris”. If your destination is not served by this train, we recommend changing trains in “Gare du Nord”: all RER B trains serve this station and you do not have to change platforms to catch the corresponding train.

How to connect to RER B when you arrive by train

From Gare du Nord.
The RER B stop is in the basement of Gare du Nord.

From Gare de l’Est.
Take Métro line 4 in direction “Porte d’Orléans” to “Les Halles” (4 stops) where you can change to RER B.

From Gare de Lyon.
Take the Metro line 14 in direction “Madeleine” to “Châtelet” (1 stop) where you can change to RER B. You may also take RER lines A or D.

From Gare Montparnasse.
Take Métro Line 6 in direction “Nation” to “Denfert-Rochereau” (3 stops) where you can change to RER B.

From Gare d’Austerlitz.
Take RER C in direction “St. Michel” to “St. Michel” (1 stop) where you can change to RER B.

From Gare St. Lazare.
Take Métro line 14 in direction “Olympiades” to “Châtelet” (2 stops) where you can change to RER B.

From Gare Massy-Palaisau.
The RER B station “Massy-Palaiseau” is next to the TGV station.

Helpful links

RATP: Here you can find maps of the RATP public transport network, information about ticket prices as well as an itinerary search. Unfortunately, the local buses that operate around Orsay are not displayed when you search for an itinerary. So if you need to take a bus to get to the conference site, please use the following website:
Optile: Itinerary search, ticket information, maps and schedules for public transport in and around Paris.
Interactive Map of the RATP networks.
Map of the Orsay Campus.
Here you can locate buildings of the Orsay Campus on Google Maps.

Map of the conference site

View 8FCC Conference Site in a larger map

If you have any questions about how to get to your hotel or from the hotel to the conference site, feel free to contact us.