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We do not have a dedicated conference hotel. We strongly recommend booking early, especially if you want to stay in a hotel near the conference site. Please be aware that June/July is the height of the tourist season, so hotels buy cialis 10mg (as well as trains and flights) can be booked up rather early.

Below are listed a few hotels, some near the conference site, some in the city of Paris. You can also use general guides for hotels in and around Paris such as:

Time Out
via Michelin

Except for Option 1 and Option 2 explained below, all accommodation arrangements have to be made by the participant.

List of hotels near the conference site

In the following table you can find hotels in and around Orsay. All hotels are within walking distance of an RER B train station where trains leave about every 15 minutes. By clicking on the hotel name you can get directly to the hotel website.

Hotel name Address Price range RER B Conference site
Hôtel d’Orsay 2, rue Francois Leroux
91400 Orsay
60 € 3min to “Le Guichet” 1.9km (23 min walk)
Hôtel Le Village 4, rue Neuve
91190 Gif Sur Yvette
62 € 8min to “Gif sur Yvette” 3.3km (40 min walk)
Moulin de Lily et la Cabane 80, rue Léon Bourgeois
91120 Palaiseau
59 – 115 € 12min to
5.6km (>1h walk)

We have made every effort to make sure the information below is accurate. But please check with the hotel when making your reservation. Some hotels offer special summer rates when booking in advance and some rooms may be available even if the website says that the hotel is fully booked, so we recommend emailing or calling the hotel before booking.

If you arrive at the conference with your own car, you could also make a reservation in one of the Campanile, Kyriad, Premiere Class or Formule 1 hotels in “Les Ulis”, about 15 minutes by car from the conference site. Reaching the conference site from these hotels by public transport is also possible: Take the bus 06-05 that leaves from the nearby shopping center “Les Ulis 2″ and brings you to the RER B station “Orsay-Ville”. However, the bus schedules are unfortunately rarely respected and busses are not very frequent. There is also a B&B hotel on the plateau de Saclay, less than 10 minutes by car from the conference site.

List of hotels in Paris

The following hotels all lay close to an RER B station where you can catch a train for “Orsay-Ville” or “St.-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse” (with stop at “Orsay-Ville”) about every 15 minutes.

Hotel name Address Price range RER B
Hôtel du Lion 1, avenue du Général Leclerc
75014 Paris
76 – 100 € 1min to “Denfert-Rochereau”
Hôtel Sophie Germain 12, rue Sophie Germain
75014 Paris
69 – 109 € 5min to “Denfert-Rochereau”
Hôtel Petit Palace 131, Avenue du Maine
75014 Paris
60 – 79 € 9min to “Denfert-Rochereau”
Transcontinental 155, Avenue Du Maine
75014 Paris
76 – 102 € 10min to “Denfert-Rochereau”
Hôtel Montaparnasse Daguerre 94, rue Daguerre
75014 Paris
85 – 140 € 10min to “Denfert-Rochereau”
Hôtel Beauvoir 43, avenue Georges Bernanos
75005 Paris
70 – 98 € 1min to “Port Royal”
Résidence – Pension du Palais 78, rue d’Assas
75006 Paris
58 – 72 € 9min to “Port Royal”
Port-Royal-Hôtel 8, Boulevard de Port-Royal
75005 Paris
41 – 89 € 13min to “Port Royal”
Hôtel Excelsior Latin 20, rue Cujas
75005 Paris
68 – 100 € 2min to “Luxembourg”
Hôtel Cluny Sorbonne 8, rue Victor Cousin
75005 Paris
70 – 95 € 3min to “Luxembourg”
Hôtel des 3 collèges 16, rue Cujas
75005 Paris
82 – 110 € 3min to “Luxembourg”
Hôtel du Commerce 14, rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève
75005 Paris
39 – 99 € 9min to “St. Michel -
Notre Dame”
Hôtel La Louisiane 60 rue de Seine
75006 Paris
70 – 140 € 8min to “St. Michel -
Notre Dame”
Hôtel Louvre Richelieu 51, rue de Richelieu
75005 Paris
76 – 130 € 14min to “Châtelet -
Les Halles”
Hôtel Jarry 4, rue Jarry
75010 Paris
39 – 55 € 10min to “Gare du Nord”

Further options

Option 1:

As a very inexpensive alternative we offer the opportunity to reserve rooms in one of the 4 university residences. The rooms are simple one bed rooms (9-10m2), generally equipped with table, chair, closet and washbasin. Shared toilets, bathrooms and a kitchen can be found on every floor. We will do our best to reserve only renovated rooms. However, this depend on the rooms that have already been vacated, so we cannot vouch for anything. The price per room and per night is about 16 €, linen included. The locations of the residences can be found on the map beneath.

As only a limited number of rooms is available, this option has to be chosen and the room to be paid at the moment the registration is made. All residences are of more or less the same standard. We will therefore follow the policy: “The earlier the registration is made, the closer to the conference site the participant is housed.” For organizational reasons, this option is only available for registrations made by the 15th of Mai 2010.[1]

Option 2:

We are also in contact with an organization that helps housing researchers in and around Orsay and Bures-sur-Yvette. They offer rooms in hotel residences (generelly between 45€ and 55€) as well as in private households (either 130-150€ per week or 30-40€ per night). In the latter case the bathroom is either private or has to be shared with at most one other guest. All accomondations will be chosen in a way that the conference site can be reached in reasonable time by either foot, bus or RER train. You will receive an email with all necessary information about your accomondation (exact price, address…) as soon as the reservation has been confirmed. The room has to be paid at the arrival for the whole stay. As we cannot guarantee that payment by credit card is excepted, please be prepared to pay in cash. Note that the hotel residence is booked out for the week of the conference. To book the “Private Household” option, please contact Stefanie Kosuch directly.

Option 3:

An original and very french alternative to a hotel or residence room is to stay in a private guest room (“Chambres d’hôtes“). In contrary to hotels, the room prices normally include french or continental breakfast. However, there are only few around the conference site and they are not always a cheap alternative. Please note that this option has to be arranged by the participant.

Le Château De La Vierge (90 – 95 €, 22 minutes walk to conference site)
Le Cottage (45 – 55 €, 14 minutes walk to conference site)
La Grange de Coupières (60 €, 10 minutes walk to RER B station “Gif-sur-Yvette”)
Hostellerie La Ferronnière (80 – 92 €, 14 minutes walk to RER B station “Lozère”)


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If you have booked or intend to book a hotel but you are not sure about how to get there or how to get from the hotel to the conference, feel free to contact us.

There is a waitlist for this option. To be put on the list please contact Stefanie Kosuch.